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BenAssist's pension administration software performs complex pension calculations using parameter definitions and other rules tailored to your company's pension plan. Our software automates many pension administration tasks, and offers the following features:
bullet Calculates termination, retirement, death, disability and accrued benefits
bullet Handles complex plan designs, including cash balance plans
bullet Processes complex projection scenarios
bullet Participant search and selection capability
bullet Data management and storage
bullet Group/Batch processing of benefit calculations
bullet Human resources and payroll interfaces
bullet Override capability for both individual and group benefit calculations
bullet Handles calculations involving multiple plans
bullet Management of statutory and plan-specific tables
bullet Generates actuarial valuation extract
bullet Generates forms and letters
bullet Standard and custom reporting
bullet Management of active and inactive participant data
bullet Secure access
bullet Encrypted database for maximum data security
bullet Cash balance roll forward
bullet Data edits and checks

Our pension administration software was developed on the Microsoft .NET platform. The .Net platform is the latest and most advanced software development environment currently available from Microsoft. The use of N-tier architecture allows flexibility in design, development and deployment. This results in quick and cost-effective system implementation.

Our pension administration software is currently offered on the following platforms:

bullet Internet: In the web version of our software, all components of the software are housed on a secure web server and maintained by BenAssist. This includes the user interface, programs and encrypted database. Your plan administrator can log onto the company's pension administration software via the internet using a secure URL. The system is completely maintained by us and the company can access it through the internet from any location. Additionally, if plan administrators are in several locations, each can access and use the same system.
bullet Plan Sponsor Intranet: This version of the software can be installed on the company's intranet. It is ideal for a company with a security policy that requires sensitive data to be stored on the company's server.

We offer flexible and affordable licensing arrangements for our pension administration software. For more information or for a demonstration, please call us at 866.511.3328 or e-mail us at

pension administration software